Fish meals

Salmon roast

18.99 EUR

(salmon, white sauce, lemon, vegetables and side dish of your choice)

Malūnininkas trout

16.57 EUR

(trout, rice and tomatoes. Don’t forget to ask the waitress how the boss succeeded in fishing)

Crispy carp

16.57 EUR

(carp, vegetables, sweet-and-sour sauce and rice)

Roasted tilapia with sesame

14.50 EUR

(tilapia fillet, sesame seeds, cucumber and red onion salad and rice)

Gaspadorius fish

14.50 EUR

(roasted scorpionfish, sauce, rice and green salad)

Žvejo roast

13.47 EUR

(sea pike fillet, onions, mushrooms, cheese, vegetables and side dish of your choice)

Fish casserole

11.39 EUR

(sea pike fillet, potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise and cheese)